About Le Luxe Boutique Hotel

Le Luxe Boutique Hotel is situated at the heart of Vientiane, the capital city of Laos. Despite being jammed in between two busy streets in the downtown area, the narrow corner where Le Luxe is erected is very serene, perfect for complete relaxation. The French-style-residence-turned-boutique hotel was built in pure adobe, abundant in the country, and water buffalo dung during the occupation of the French in Laos. Since its construction, Le Luxe has been a witness to many things that came to the country - both good and bad. So a stay here will not only give you the comfort a good room could give but also a sense of nostalgia by bringing back memories of the historic “Land of Million Elephants”.

Dr. Ouphalavixa Chounlamany was born in 1909 whose parents lived in the city of Mahaxay, in Khammouane District. After gaining his medical degree in 1930, Dr. Ouphalavixa began to work with French residents in Laos. He also treated poor people in Xiengkuang Province during the Vietnam-America War. After his marriage with Mme Khamsaen, they moved to Vientiane where they raised four sons and a daughter.

Mme Khamsaen, wife of Dr. Chounlamany, inherited the house from her parents when they moved to Vientiane. Dr. Ouphalavixa further renovated the house, adapting it to a French colonial-style. A concrete addition was added to the rear of the building in 1960.

When Dr. Ouphalavixa passed away in 1991, he bequeathed the house to his son, Mr. Mahola Chounlamany. Upon Mr. Mahola's death in 2006, his son Mr. Sonesila Chounlamany, inherited the house until today.

Mr. Seny Phadouanesinh, the owner and creative spirit behind one of Vientiane's premier architectural studios – Banlao Survey Design and Construction Co., Ltd. – has long held a deep appreciation for French colonial style architectures. He recognized that there are only a few colonial residences now remain in Vientiane after the French colony. By chance, Mr. Phadouanesinh discovered this house. Although Mr. Sonesila chose not to sell the building, he allowed Mr. Phadouanesinh to have the property for lease. Mr. Phadouanesinh carried out the complete renovation of the building from November 2014 until October 2015 to what is now Le Luxe Boutique Hotel.


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