Charming Vientiane

Take your time at Vientiane; enjoy the tranquility and simplicity of the city by trying at least one of Le Luxe’s recommended activities

Walking Distances: Approximately 10-15 meters from the hotel:

* Go temple hopping at the nearby “Wat ” or temples and learn more about the unique belief of Laos and observe the differences of Lao Buddhists from other Buddhist countries:

- Wat OngTeu

Wat Ong Teu was built in the early 16th century by King Setthathirath but was destroyed during the war with the Siamese and was rebuilt in the 19th and 20th centuries. After its reconstruction throug the help of French occupants, the temple was used as a school for Theravada Buddhism. Now, it is the national center of Buddhist studies in Laos. The same as other temples in Laos, Wat Ong Teu has a lot of Buddha statues in different meditation positions but one special massive bronze statue (named Phra Ong Teu), largest amongst other statues in Vientiane, which survived after the war makes the temple extra special than other temples around town.

- Wat In Peng

Wat Inpeng, with all its history and aura creeped into one, is a famous Buddhist temple amongst the many temples in Vientiane, Laos. Located at the intersection of 3 quaint roads- Setthathirath, Chao Anou and Khun Boulom. Ornate gold designs and paintings depicting stories and tales of Buddha and his belief are the major decorations of the temple’s facade, walls, and ceilings while a lion-like statueplaced outside the temple greets the visitors.

- Wat Mixai

To celebrate the victory of Lao people over the Burmese troops in the Lao-Burma war in the 16th century, Wat Mixai, or the Temple of Victory, was constructed under the command of King Sai Setthathirat (1550-1571). Aside from this, like many temples around Southeast Aisa, Wat Mixai may also be associated with the victory of Buddha over the demon Mara who was sent to test his fortitude on the eve of his enlightenment. It was renovated in the early 1900s and adopted a central Thai style of religious architecture.

- Wat Hisok

Wat Hisok also written as Wat Haysok or Haysoke, is yet one of the many historical and significant Buddhist temples scattered all throughout Vientiane. It is located along Setthathilath Road opposite Wat Ong Teu.

- Wat Chan

Wat Chan or WatChantabuli is situated in front of the Mekong River and just about 3 minutes walk from Le Luxe. The main hall of the temple is adorned with three-headed Nagas which tails run through the balustrades of the hall to the entrance of the temple. The worship-place’s multi-tiered roof is designed with Naga finials (creatures which heads resembles of a snake and its bodies to dragons). Depictions of life of Buddha and other Buddhist related paintings and decors are the main attraction of the temple.

* Shop at the nearby night market and take your pick of little trinkets and souvenirs made in Laos. Opens at 6pm until before midnight.

* Witness the stunning sunset at the riverbanks of the Great Mekong (KhemKhong).

* Relax and experience a Lao traditional massage and spa scattered along the corners.
Farther destinations from the hotel: rent a bicycle or stroll by foot within the city and be in awe with the simple yet enchanting cityscape and warm smiles of the locals.

* Chill and unwind at the “Nam phou” historic fountain. Take a sip of your favorite drink or cold lao beer while watching people come and go.

* Visit “ That Dam”. That Dam translated as “ Black Tower/Temple” is believed to be covered with real gold before the French colonizers came but was later scraped by thieves resulting to the black color of this city landmark.

* Do not miss Patuxai and That Luang Stupa.
 “ Patuxai” an arc resembling to that of Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Built in 1962 during the French colony but was never finished due to the war.
“ That LuangStupa” a gold plated temple and one of the most sacred establishments and a national symbol of Laos. The stupa is believed to be where some of the bones of Buddha were buried.

* Be a history buff, learn the past of Laos and visit the Military museums (nearby That Luang) or check the national museum in front of the National Culture Hall.

* Complete your Vientiane experience by trying the exotic and tasty food of Laos. Either head to restaurants or find your way to a morning or evening markets (Talat Sao/ TalatLeng).

* If you want to see more of Laos aside from Vientiane, head to the nearby town of Vang Vieng for air balloon riding, kayaking, tubing, caving, zip lining or simply splurging or dipping yourself to the cool blue lagoons while watching the alpenglow of the sun as it rises or sets over the towering karst limestones.


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